Business Process Automation


In today’s economic conditions, companies are looking for automation to their back-office functions to provide a direct and immediate response to their business challenges.

Business managers and owners are leveraging methodology beyond the traditional means and increasingly searching for more sophisticated ways to address improvements in order to capture new customers, improve customer loyalty, grow revenues and reduce costs.

Have you ever wondered when you buy Microsoft Word or any packaged software that the majority of the user will end up only using 10-20% of the functionality at any given point of the lifecycle of a given product? And what happens to the other 80-90% functionality; well all that happens is that the consumer ends up paying for it. Purchasing proprietary packages forces businesses to continuously invest in other specialty silo products, pay for multiple systems (since typically one packaged application/program does not speak to other) or pay huge dollars for integration when the actual data resides in multiple different sources.

WiseBOX Solutions is a fully owned subsidiary of i-Open Technologies offers a suite of Domain/Industry specific solutions, that directly addresses these challenges. The WiseBOX methodology allows businesses to manage 100% of their daily tasks across multiple business functions from a single integrated environment; totally avoiding the “Swivel Chair” effect. The WiseBOX Solution enables businesses to automate processes through the implementation of high quality, low cost, but most importantly, domain specific Task Based Applications for your business. The WiseBOX team, is made up of industry specific individuals, that partner with clients to provide a fully scalable, fully hosted, integrated and effective set of applications on top of a proven and powerful platform. We help leading and upcoming companies improve operational efficiency, marketing systems while eliminating capital expenditure as related to redundant software and IT based infrastructure.