Enterprise Information Data Infrastructure

EIDI™ was developed as an Enterprise Spatial Data Integration engine. i-Open Technologies is a company that has a history of large scale, custom application development and Spatial Data Integration expertise. As a technology, it includes a toolkit and methodology that an enterprise scale development environment requires. More important, it was designed from the outset to bring a “transformative” approach to integration of both spatial and non-spatial data integration projects. EIDI™ was designed to insulate business users from technical considerations; data structures, databases, operating systems, server architecture, security and process management, thus reducing the cost to develop and integrate. It approaches the concept of typically silo’d data with a focus on solving business process and operational issues rather than as a technical problem.

The EIDI™ integration methodology and the above mentioned insulation allows organizations to work with business users to create prototype applications and then evolve them iteratively into scalable, high-performance business applications. It offers the additional benefit of allowing applications to be changed easily; to be moved between operating systems and databases without change, to accommodate changes in business data with minimal application change. In short, the EIDI™ difference is that it welcomes and encourages change rather than inhibit it.

There are many tools on the market today which seek to offer these same benefits. EIDI™ has four key differentiators. First, it works with rendering and accessing spatial and attribute data seamlessly. Second, it draws upon industry standard, platform agnostic UI tools allowing it to be developed once and seamlessly utilized on both desktops and mobile units. It is developed with a solution model in mind as opposed to a product model and as such allows the integration of components as the needs grow and change. Finally, it draws on i-Open’s proven “legacy” of delivering projects that involve Enterprise Systems and Application integration.

From Data… To Decision Making… to Operational Integrity