Emergency Response Planning


Whether you are a global oil and gas firm or a local property developer, a fire or spill can expose the workers and the community to extreme danger, and can be financially devastating when the cost of destroyed equipment and lost production is tallied. Well-trained and capable people can substantially reduce the impact of any fire crisis. However, a centralized and up to date disaster plan with building or facility specific information, fire prevention departments can cost effectively monitor the status of fire preparedness in more buildings, more accurately, and on a more regular basis than ever before.

The pre-planning process, and the related data, will continue to benefit the fire departments long after the development of the initial fire safety plan. Any buildings’ fire safety plan can also be used to maintain information and report it to the fire prevention department on the status of these buildings and their annual fire and life safety equipment test results, deficiency repairs, and code required annual review of the plans’ relative information unique to that building.

Building on i-Open’s strong legacy of developing Municipal and Provincial Government solutions, CommandPost™ series of applications and software solutions has been developed to address the current antiquated paper based Fire Planning and Emergency Response system with fully automated and web based technologies. The applications create a centralized online application for the creation and storage of fire safety plans and their related data for any building in any jurisdiction anywhere in the world. This web based centralized design will serve the long sought after standardizing of a disaster response and safety plans’ form, content, and procedure.

The drawing tools, fire safety planning and pre-incident planning applications also serve as a business tools for fire departments and safety consultants, many of whom are retired fire services personnel. The advantage is the large investment in infrastructure by the workbooks’ developer is made available to these skilled individuals such that their communities can continue to benefit from their knowledge even after they leave their active safety service careers.