• High Performance
    in the Real Estate Commercial Sector
    • • Scenario Tool / Wayfinder
    • • Automated CAD to FMR tools
    • • On Demand High Resolution PDF Printing
  • Achieve measurable improvements by
    developing industry specific customized solutions
    • • Spatial Data Infrastructure
    • • Custom Application Development
    • • Data & Systems Integration

  • - Track your Jobs, your Labour, and your Assets...
    in real time...in one single unified system.
  • Improving access to everyday information for field employees
    • • Update critical information of daily tasks
    • • Access multiple backend systems on the go
    • • Streamline communication in real time

Who We Are

i-Open Technologies shapes our clients' future, combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models.

Recent News


i-Open mentored Mission School District students at the BC TECH Summit Coding Camp

On January 19, 2016, senior management and technical staff from Mission, BC based i-Open Technologies took part in mentoring Grade 9 students at the BC TECH Summit Coding Camp, hosted at Heritage Park Middle School. The team happily assisted students with any technical challenges they encountered and thoroughly enjoyed their day working with future techies. These coding camps, organized by Lighthouse Labs, are designed to pique students’ interests for a career in the technology sector—i-Open Technologies was proud to share in the experience.


R.I.P. Google Earth Plugin. May 28, 2008 – Dec 12, 2015

We’re sad to announce the passing of our beloved plugin, known as Google Earth Plugin, or Google Earth API, which has been a mainstay in some of our most successful projects. The plugin will now rest forever in Cyberspace with Netscape Navigator, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, that one version we’re not even going to mention here, Vista, Windows 8… oh wait… that one’s still alive… and others that passed on before. Google Earth Plugin is survived by its siblings Google Earth for Desktop and Google Earth for Mobile. A period of mourning will follow, and in respect, i-Open Technologies will be closed this weekend. Starting Monday, we will continue to work on a very cool alternative known as CesiumJS, which offers the same 3D mapping engine as the plugin did but runs WebGL and doesn’t require any plugin or software to be installed on the clients’ computer – just a modern browser will do. In the past six months, we, as i-Open, have been working closely with the company behind CesiumJS to further enhance this platform to mimic the functionalities from the Google Earth Plugin as closely as possible, and have put lots of effort into the implementation of support for KML. We’re proud to call ourselves experts in CesiumJS. Please contact us for more info. Oh and no flowers please :)

Client Testimonials

"Precision has been able to leverage the built in capabilities of the SaaM platform to catalog our assets and to build in critical performance comparison tools. This application has given us a critical tool for evaluating the benefit of any asset and to communicate these benefits to our customers and to make management decisions regarding our rigs to help improve performance where possible."

Blaine McLaughlin
Drilling Performance Manager

"The biggest benefit is the time I save looking up info. Worksite benefits include having the ability to look up service cards for nearby addresses, update info onsite. We can also receive updated info from City Hall faster (usually new basemaps for our vehicle)."

Amar Giri
Water System Operation Technician

"The implementation of this application was handled in a very professional manner and i-Open worked closely with our other vendors and staff to ensure a positive experience and an exceptional implementation that meets our needs."

Beverly Ehlbeck
IT Manager

"Having the inspectworX application be able to take a picture and email it in saves time to download from the digital camera. Another big advantage is you send it right away with the mobile viewer so you won’t forget about it on the digital camera. The paper version of the 20 or so Base Map Book that we used to receive would take our staff weeks to produce and put together; this application is defiantly a huge time, resource”s and cost saver for our municipality."

Boyd Wong
Engineering Technician

"The application is allowing us to enter and monitor our time in a way that is meaningful for our organization. The system is reducing redundant data input and potential errors with relevant business rules and allowing our team more flexibility through mobile device input."

Victor Mema

"We are extremely enthusiastic about this project. i-Open was instrumental in partnering with our IT and GIS staff, in implementing a public facing web mapping platform."

Kristin Wilkes
Manager of Information Systems

Awards and Recognition

Nominated for the Fraser Valley Cultural Diversity award 2014

Nominated for the Abbotsford Business Excellence Award 2014

Our Core Practices

The process begins with a diagnostic phase focused on formulating an Asset Management strategy that aligns with the organization’s business objectives and often existing business processes.
Facilities Management
Facilities Services form part of the dedicated internal corporate functions and provide services in onsite facilities management, office services, real estate, and workplace research and development.
Geospatial & Database
Geographic information systems (GIS) play a role in the process of solving critical business problems in industries such as government, utilities, retail, banking, insurance, oil and gas, transportation.

EIDI™ was developed as an Enterprise Spatial Data Integration engine. i-Open Technologies is a company that has a history of large scale, custom application development and Spatial Data Integration expertise.

Industry Specific


Because every business is unique, we've learned that the best way to discover if we might have a solution for your challenge is to first learn what your challenges might be. The specifics for every industry, business, product, and service vary so greatly that we start our process by listening to your needs and creating solutions to fit.


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More efficiently produce detailed fire safety plans using a digital tool that generates documents using building information

Digitally create and manage work and equipment orders –
whether in the field or office

A map-based interface that enables users to view live operational
and field data

A map-based interface that enables users to view, create,
and manage information connected to geographic coordinates

Spatial Data Infrastrcture

Process Automation

Data & Systems Integration

Asset Management

Custom Application Development

GIS & Web Mapping

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