Aug 11

R.I.P. Google Earth Plugin. May 28, 2008 – Dec 12, 2015

We’re sad to announce the passing of our beloved plugin, known as Google Earth Plugin, or Google Earth API, which has been a mainstay in some of our most successful projects. The plugin will now rest forever in Cyberspace with Netscape Navigator, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, that one version we’re not even going to mention here, Vista, Windows 8… oh wait… that one’s still alive… and others that passed on before. Google Earth Plugin is survived by its siblings Google Earth for Desktop and Google Earth for Mobile. A period of mourning will follow, and in respect, i-Open Technologies will be closed this weekend. Starting Monday, we will continue to work on a very cool alternative known as CesiumJS, which offers the same 3D mapping engine as the plugin did but runs WebGL and doesn’t require any plugin or software to be installed on the clients’ computer – just a modern browser will do. In the past six months, we, as i-Open, have been working closely with the company behind CesiumJS to further enhance this platform to mimic the functionalities from the Google Earth Plugin as closely as possible, and have put lots of effort into the implementation of support for KML. We’re proud to call ourselves experts in CesiumJS. Please contact us for more info. Oh and no flowers please 🙂