Visualizing your market, virtualizing your assets

Amidst the vast amounts of data available, current and relevant information is the key to the success of organizations. Organizations invest many resources to capture, acquire and store data (whether local or distributed), but few invest enough resources turning the raw data into information or providing a truly open and flexible way to make the right information available to the right users. Therefore, despite the availability of information, many users still retrieve only a fraction of the data that may influence mission-critical decisions. This is further challenged when the data is managed or owned by different systems or stored in different formats. i-Open Technologies is offering a solution that provides a single system to manage their facilities. It is an integrated management system and presentation tool aptly named RealEcomm™.

RealEcomm™ is powered by the EIDI™ platform to allow the aggregation of diverse and complex data into a single browser based interface whereby the user can transition from boardroom to mobile device without having to change tools. RealEcomm™ increases the commercial real estate organization’s competitive position through advanced business analytics, automated process capabilities, increased visibility and state of the art sales tools. Bottom line – it effectively assists real estate brokers to help their clients make more informed real estate decisions, managing their existing spaces and tracking their assets globally.

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