Our company has been able to leverage the built in capabilities of the SaaM platform to catalog our assets and to build in critical performance comparison tools. This application has given us a critical tool for evaluating the benefit of any asset and to communicate these benefits to our customers and to make management decisions regarding our rigs to help improve performance where possible.

Blaine McLaughlin
Drilling Performance Manager


The biggest benefit is the time I save looking up info. Worksite benefits include having the ability to look up service cards for nearby addresses, update info onsite. We can also receive updated info from City Hall faster (usually new basemaps for our vehicle).

Amar Giri
Water System Operation Technician


The implementation of this application was handled in a very professional manner and i-Open worked closely with our other vendors and staff to ensure a positive experience and an exceptional implementation that meets our needs.

Beverly Ehlbeck
IT Manager


Having the inspectworX application be able to take a picture and email it in saves time to download from the digital camera. Another big advantage is you send it right away with the mobile viewer so you won’t forget about it on the digital camera. The paper version of the 20 or so Base Map Book that we used to receive would take our staff weeks to produce and put together; this application is defiantly a huge time, resource’s and cost saver for our municipality.

Boyd Wong
Engineering Technician

The application is allowing us to enter and monitor our time in a way that is meaningful for our organization. The system is reducing redundant data input and potential errors with relevant business rules and allowing our team more flexibility through mobile device input.

Victor Mema

We are extremely enthusiastic about this project. i-Open was instrumental in partnering with our IT and GIS staff, in implementing a public facing web mapping platform.

Kristin Wilkes
Manager of Information Systems