Simplifying Emergency Services

Many fire departments have disparate systems or processes that are difficult to maintain and disseminate into the field. Often, these involve costly devices such as ruggedized laptops. These departments need access to a wide variety of data in the field to make informed decisions quickly.

Having access to high quality GIS data, along with supporting attributes and high resolution aerial photos and other related documents allows essential tasks to be accomplished. All of this must be possible without the constant requirement to be “connected” or have a network connection.

Business Challenges

  • Hard copy books for fire trucks are difficult to maintain and costly to replace
  • Data stored and updated in multiple locations needs to be consolidated
  • Tools required to leverage current GIS data without duplicating

Leading Edge Solution

  • Pull real time data from multiple sources
  • Access key GIS, Fire and Financial data through single interface
  • Geo-processing using ArcGIS to build driving direction maps
  • HTML5/JavaScript apps that are cross browser compliant and run on any device
  • Utilize GeoJson files that can be generated from multiple GIS toolsets
  • MapAPI > an internally developed toolset for instant rendering on HTML canvas

Key Features

  • Simple Sync
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Specific design for current use and future scalability
  • Links to PDFs and other information
  • Multiple viewing layers including aerial photos, building photos, and key properties such as hydrants, etc.
  • GPS location of device with onscreen tracking

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Web Based Graphics Editing Solutions: Fire Safety and Pre-Incident Planning Tools

The CommandPost™ group of applications are multi-purpose, web based graphics editing and drawing tools designed for Fire Safety planners and Fire Department personnel. Since it runs in an industry standard technology, it is able to run on multiple mobile devices, modern browsers and is embedded within apps in a disconnected mode for work in the field where no networks are present or where they are unreliable.

The CommandPost™ application has three main components:

    • The base image which may consist of existing data such as floor plans, site maps, schematics, scanned document and images (photos, screen captures).
    • The graphics tools themselves such as lines, arrows, text, shapes but most importantly, scalable, industry or client specific symbol sets. These symbol sets are unique to the particular user based on Access Level Control (ALC) and can be scaled to fit the current background. The symbol sets may be further divided into a directory like structure for easy location. Certain symbols may be assigned a special “Multiplier” quality, allowing them to be placed on a single base but generate multiple outputs. This applies to symbols like “You Are Here” in fire escape plans, so a single base can be maintained for a floor. Symbols may also include custom legends that reference all other placed symbols or written text as required.
  • The output is a simple image(s) that can be saved into a Vault (in connected mode) or emailed to a specific group (if disconnected). These may easily (and automatically) be included in required documentation (PDFs for Fire Safety Plans or Emergency Response Plans) or incorporated into existing workflows such as updating engineering drawings.

The CommandPost™ application can be incorporated with the inspectworX™ application to allow for form and graphics data collection. This may include the building of Fire Safety or Pre-Incident plans, on-site inspections for accidents, health and safety or project management, as well as way finding maps for helping clients navigate locations.