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Most organizations carry rich data as related to their field assets. Whether you’re a municipality with sanitary system data or you’re a pipeline operations firm interested in analyzing terrain data needed for the planning of a pipeline project, secure and reliable access to multiple sets of data is crucial.

Mobile devices have become key tools to improve mobile workforce productivity, reduce operational costs, and increase customer satisfaction. There are millions of people that work outside a typical office setting yet need access to critical information that resides inside the office. In many cases, they use inefficient or costly tools as well as time consuming processes to collect data and complete their tasks. With increasing government regulation and the public expectation that enterprises become more environmentally conscious, converting the traditional paper-based reporting and inspection methodologies and approaches are more critical than ever. What if you could not only see this data but also have the ability to capture new data related to your assets? Consider the power of being able to mark up existing service cards pulled from back end systems or capture images regardless of whether you have a connection in a remote area.

Organizations unable to track and/or maintain filed assets lose hundreds of thousands, and in some cases within the energy sector, millions of dollars annually. But there’s a simple way to overcome such losses: the i-Open Mobile Maintenance Viewer can deliver easy to implement fully hosted or on premise solutions. Implemented on top of a core mapping technology, totally agnostic of the device of choice, the i-Open Mobile Maintenance Viewer can run on top of the worXlog™ work management solution or independently.

The City seems to have very knowledgeable and well-experienced staff. Due to lack of a centralized tool, staff started to develop their own toolsets, often by creating extensive spreadsheets, or by creating self-administered database systems. Several on-site interviews were conducted with staff from the City by i-Open Technologies in order to find out the City’s current status and where it needs to be in both short and long term, as an enterprise wide strategy. In order to leverage existing investment in data and extend that data to other departments in order to streamline work in the field and capture data in the field, i-Open has developed a custom map based viewer on top of i-Open’s inspectworX solution.



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