Beyond the GIS Hype and seeing above the razzle-dazzle. Staff and citizens alike want modern and efficient government services. Most of the population base today are very tech savvy and increasingly demand sophisticated means of accessing information; bottom line goal is being informed with the latest information anywhere and anytime.

Similar to the private sector, governments are not immune to economic crisis and are constantly looking for ways to improve and increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and allow access to the most current information for their workers in the field. Having this capability operating at different management levels and across various departments requires understanding of the processes, technology and tools.

i-Open’s key personnel have a long history in supporting the Government sector. We have a solid track record for delivering Public Sector Solutions, including:

  • Strategic Planning and Consulting
  • GIS and Spatially Enabled Custom Development
  • Mobile Work Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Standardization

SEA™: Spatially Enabled Applications

The i-Open Spatially Enabled Applications (SEA™) core practice is built upon the synergies between location based analytics and elements of information technology. In order to remain competitive in the public sectors, the decision making process is often driven by position, time and intelligence. Capitalizing on over two decades of GIS and Geospatial systems expertise, the i-Open SEA™ delivery model focuses on the sharing of data, GeoSpatial tools and existing systems to allow organizations to make informed decisions at all levels.

Truly Leveraging all Municipal Data… Beyond Web Mapping

i-Open integrates business and location based information that delivers the required expertise, combined with the methodology proven to improve an organization’s effectiveness. Our solutions can integrate with existing financial systems to a directly link or pull the appropriate data on a scheduled basis. Data privacy is key and only delivering the right data to the right people at the right time is fundamental.

Work that is done in one system is often able to be leveraged into another. For example, the i-Open Fire Mapping application utilizes the core GIS data as the basis for the app; high resolution Aerial Photos are mosaiced and tiled to optimize performance on mobile devices; and the GIS and appropriate Financial system attributes are joined to the Fire Departments own data to display as one seamless, easy to use interface for Fire Fighters.

i-Open’s extensive data integration experience has led to a number of projects within the provincial government departments. Supporting the Provincial Government’s DataBC initiatives, i-Open continues to work with the DataBC team on multiple fronts, utilizing FME and FME Server to facilitate the transfer of data from stakeholders to the DataBC servers as well as providing tools for conversion and data validation for publishing of government services to the DataBC website.

Working with a large municipality, i-Open was instrumental in the design, development and deployment of a mission critical Mobile Work Management application designed to capture labour and equipment entries in the field and synchronize them with ESRI’s CityWorks application. This tool is an HTML5 application with the capabilities to run disconnected until networks are available. The crews are able to enter the time spent against various work orders including the equipment, review and sign-off time and then submit it for approval by supervisors and managers. It is then moved to posting where the clerks are able to review and post to the payroll system.