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The Global Leader in Spatial Data Transformation — Safe Software Inc. is the maker of FME® and the global leader in spatial data transformation technology that helps GIS professionals and organizations master their data interoperability challenges.

FME is used by thousands of customers in more than 116 countries in a variety of industries. Ranging from small businesses to top international organizations, our customers use FME to unleash the power of their spatial data so people can use it where, when, and how they want to.

CloverPoint was founded 1992 and is a true pioneer in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry. Partnering with Microsoft, ESRI and Stantec Engineering, and by staying focused on its core competencies of leveraging spatial and non-spatial data, GIS production, and application development, CloverPoint is defining a new category of GIS called Geo-visualized asset management which is changing the process of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Urban Planning. CloverPoint brings secure, dynamic 3D GIS modeling into the game… and it’s a game changer. CloverPoint is building the next generation of asset management and presentation tools by bringing together the best in business, GIS, and 3D gaming technologies.

The Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech, (SRCTec), was founded in 2006 and is supported by key Regional strategic partnerships, including Chilliwack Economic Partners (CEPCO), City of Abbotsford and Community Futures for South Fraser. The role of SRCTec is to actively attract technology companies to the Fraser Valley Region, which includes; the City of Abbotsford, City of Chilliwack and City of Mission, located just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. SRCTec has exclusive responsibilities for economic and educational development specific to the high tech sector.

You are interested in all things spatial and want to share that passion with others through technology. Perhaps you like to develop custom solutions and understand APIs and programming or you’re just someone who has a use for web mapping. The Fraser Valley is on the outskirts of most of the existing mapping organizations and we want to build our own community. We have much to learn from one another: open data, open street mapping, open source software, new technology and techniques, and more. Let’s get together and support each other!